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Our datacenter lineaments services made especially to provide wholly excessive connectivity and utmost achievement.

Limited access to the Networks Operation Centre is governed by skillful employees throughout the day. However invitee’s and clients are allowed in strictly only If accompanied by the Network Operations Center staff. This centre is supervised, making sure of precise response and detailed coverage to security alarms and fire.

24/7/365 Monitoring
The Network Operations Center uses what is called the industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), thereby ensuring continual supervision of all hardware such as servers, UPS systems, routers and switches. What the Network Operations Center also does it, supervises power, environmental determinants such as (humidity and temperature), network linkages and generator capacity. All detracting ports/services are supervised including those of POP3, TELNET, SSH, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP and HTTP. We also always ensure network supervision of the Local Area Network, the Internet Backbone as well as Internet connectivity such as those of (wiring, switches and routers). Our adjacent and continuous communication with our upstream chief constituent holder makes sure that our very own consumers have at all time continuous access to elevated performance internet connectivity. In case of a breakdown in any of the supervising service would result in perceptible alarms, LAN messages and warning our employee paging system.

Affiliated through personal peering connections & public Network Access Points (NAPs), our extravagant network has been outlined to propose forward thinking computation amongst the current network infrastructure. Swiss-VPS bestows chief multiple upstream providers & several emerging partners to make sure consecutive Internet connectivity, embellished Internet performance as well as important route diversification. This approach enhances our consumer traffic to be directed over every best available connection. If your need calls for a trustworthy and highly available hosting connectivity, then Swiss-VPS could best suit your needs!

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Swiss VPS – The best quality VPS in Switzerland and low cost servers in Central Europe.login form