Server Control Center

With the Swiss-vps Server Control Center, you’ll be able to manage your Virtual Private Server faster and easier than you can manage a machine sitting on your desk

 Start/Stop/Reboot Control: Start, stop and reboot your VPS on-demand
 Change Root Password: Reset your server’s root password at your leisure
 Web-based Shell Access: Configure and manage your server quickly and easily through the control center with shell access from your web browser
Operating System Control: Select the operating system you would like to install and it will be ready in moments
 VPS Upgrade: Fortify your server with extra RAM and disk space on the fly, whenever you’re ready – without speaking to a salesman
 Licensing Options: License industry-standard control panel cPanel and IPSmanager
 Swiss-vps DNS: You have full control over your Virtual Private Server’s DNS with free Swiss-vps DNS

Are you ready to take advantage of everything Swiss-vps has to offer?

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