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Why Choose Swiss-VPS for Your Hosting Needs?

Swiss-VPS is heads and shoulders above the competition, with cutting-edge technology such as our secured commercial datacenter and the newest and most highly sought after Linux operating systems; yet still offers top notch customer service at rock bottom prices.
Instant Provisioning enables you to start your VPS minutes after you choose our services.
With our Server Control Center, you can easily administer your VPS and can start, stop and reboot at your leisure.
Our reputation speaks for itself and has been growing since 2011 – something that very few of our competitors can claim.

The trustworthiness of a thoroughly tested, commercial-grade web server, an unrivaled community of developments and a vast library of trusted open source applications make the Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP server configuration the most popular VPS hosting option here at Swiss-vps. Open Source Solutions for the LAMP Framework Whatever your needs are, we have the solution for you. Whether it is a content management system you’re ...

ISPmanager is one of the leading web server control panels on the market. The control panel allows you to manage your entire web-server through a user friendly and comprehensive multi-language web interface. With the click of a mouse you can manage users, hosting packages, mail boxes, databases and much more from one centralized ...

Our advanced infrastructure is designed to be platform independent, and can host a wide variety of operating systems including CentOS VPS, Debian VPS, Fedora VPS, FreeBSD VPS, Gentoo VPS, Linux Mint VPS, OpenSUSE VPS, Slackware VPS, Ubuntu VPS Ubuntu Fedora Debian



cPanel for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interfaces for managing a website. With cPanel software, website owners can easily manage their email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of their websites. Creating Accounts Web site owners can use cPanel software to create email accounts, ...

Keeping in mind the Swiss-vps Terms & Conditions of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Service Level Agreement, our support policy has an absolute defined relationship to the Swiss-vps service. Swiss-vps enables acutely low prices by conforming to the support policy designed below. This is an unpursuaded service which would means that you should ...

Server Control Center Features With the Swiss-vps Server Control Center, you'll be able to manage your Virtual Private Server faster and easier than you can manage a machine sitting on your desk.  Start/Stop/Reboot Control: Start, stop and reboot your VPS on-demand  Change Root Password: Reset your server's root password at your leisure

Swiss VPS – The best quality VPS in Switzerland and low cost servers in Central Europe. sign up form

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Swiss VPS – The best quality VPS in Switzerland and low cost servers in Central Europe.login form