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ISPmanager is one of the leading web server control panels on the market. The control panel allows you to manage your entire web-server through a user friendly and comprehensive multi-language web interface. With the click of a mouse you can manage users, hosting packages, mail boxes, databases and much more from one centralized location in a simple and intuitive way.

ISPmanager Server Control Panel provides multi-level access to administrative features for increased management flexibility. The multi-level system makes ISPmanager suitable for business web-hosting and personal use.

ISPmanager is available in three versions: Lite, Pro and Cluster. It enables to meet different challenges at affordable prices.

ISPmanager user hierarchy:

  • Administrator
  • Reseller (for ISPmanager Pro and Cluster)
  • User
  • FTP account
  • Mail account

ISPmanager is compatible with various operating systems and manages a wide range of third party software such as Apache, Mailman, Awstats, MySQL, etc.

ISPmanager provides easy configuration and high efficiency with low resource consumption.

ISPmanager – Top Quality and Outstanding Reliability at affordable prices.

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Swiss VPS – The best quality VPS in Switzerland and low cost servers in Central Europe.login form