Support Policies

Keeping in mind the Swiss-vps Terms & Conditions of ServiceAcceptable Use Policy and Service Level Agreement, our support policy has an absolute defined relationship to the Swiss-vps service.

Swiss-vps enables acutely low prices by conforming to the support policy designed below. This is an unpursuaded service which would means that you should be able to look after balance the various aspects of your account.

We always support:
Billing and Account Management Questions
Root password resets
Reverse DNS assignment
The Tangible server that manages your VPS- Uptime, Performance, Hardware, Ping and Power
The Swiss-vps Server Control Center
Disposition changes which must be arranged outside of your server such as the resolver disposition and hostname
Admittance issues such as the inadequacy to log in via SSH, we would calibrate until we are able to log in.

We cannot support:
Problems related to the administration or uptime of the client’s VPS account or application
Introducing applications not accessible in the control panel or OS Initial installation
Overhauling or configuring a particular software
Accustomed support with Unix or server applications
3rd-party control panel installation, configuration, or troubleshooting.

If you require any further support with an unmanaged task, check out the Swiss-vps Community- where our wiki could help you with various apprehensive counseling and our forum members on the panel would be able to assist you with any technical difficulties.

In addition to the support assets, available at the Swiss-vps Community, you would discover that the Open Source development community effortlessly accommodates bug trackers, mailing lists, and documentation and discussion forums for the pertinence you would use on the VPS.

VPS Backup Restoration
We strongly recommend that you always have your own backup as part of our system administrations. Though Swiss-vps does not conserve for use in the occurrence of hardware breakdown